The White Review

The White Review

The White is a fairly new strain. It is a cross of White Rhino and White Widow. It’s nice to be able to kind of control what you want to feel, depending on your symptoms. If you’re looking for the sativa side, all you have to do is smoke. If you need the indica side, just smoke some more!

The Breakdown

Reviewed By: Sodium from Wa (Read More Of My Reviews)
Added On: 05/13/2010
Bought At: SMMA
Camera Used: Canon Powershot SX100 IS
Name: The White
Grade: A
Type: Hybrid
Suggested Donation: $12/gram
ig buds, loaded with crystals. The bud in the picture is just under 4 grams.
The smell was good and bad at the same time, and you can't help but to smell it. It smells like a bowl of fresh sweet berries covered in sour milk.
Thankfully, it didn't taste like sour milk. All the flavor is from the White Widow side. Like chewing a piece of grape bubblegun while drinking grape soda and sucking of a grape popsicle.
Buzz Type/Length:
It has a very nice uplifting buzz. Energizing with only a semi-cloudy head. After smoking more you can definitely feel the Indica side. Great body high and muscle relaxation. I don't think I'd start the morning off smoking this, but I wouldn't rule it out for daytime use.

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