Purple Arrow Review

Purple Arrow Review

Wow. This is like nothing I’ve ever smoked before. Doing some research, they call it Purple Arrow because the plant resembles an arrow pointing down. It is a cross of Cinderella 99 and Durban Thai. I doubt I would ever get this strain again (it doesn’t have any properties I’m really looking for) but it’s definitely trying at least once. I think this strain would be awesome rolled into a joint with some hash crumbled in. I think the tastes would complement each other perfectly.

The Breakdown

Reviewed By: Sodium from WA (Read More Of My Reviews)
Added On: 05/13/2010
Bought At: SMMA
Camera Used: Canon Powershot SX100 IS
Name: Purple Arrow
Grade: B
Type: Indica
Suggested Donation: $10/gram
Small, compact, light green buds. It took some work to break it up.
The first time you smell it, you're kinda shocked. It's extremely potent smelling exactly like fresh lemons covered in black pepper.
The taste is just as strong as the smell. It's a combination of lilac, curry and leather. Just a great spicy thick texture.
Buzz Type/Length:
It might be just me, but I notice a headrush-type feeling a few seconds after I start smoking. The "rush" seems to collect right at the bridge of my nose and speads behind my eyes to my ears. Almost like when a limb falls asleep, that kind of tingle. The high seems to stay in the head area, it's not racy, though. Just mellow and dopey, bobbing around like an apple in a bucket of water.

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